intention cards

Inspiration for your heart and mind. Thoughts are powerful seeds for all we are creating in our lives. Learn to choose them with intention.  21 cards come with a stand in a small tin box designed with love by me.  *seed not included.  If you prefer digital, join thousands of people all over the world who have downloaded my free i-intend app.

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Inspiration for the spirit.  If you’re interested in how an artist sees the world, you’ll enjoy these.  If you have an ipad or iphone, you can download my digital sketchpad and replay digital paintings I’ve made.

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I’ll be blogging here and sharing drawings, news and inspiration .

“There is always a challenge whether to do the safe, familiar and predictable or to search down a path that may lead you to a place that is closer to your true nature… a place that hides locked behind the fear of failure, humiliation and rejection.” —Dan McCaw